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घूम नहीं सकते, लेकिन घूमने के बारे में बातें तो कर सकते है

घूमने के बारे में सोच सकते है और जब वक़्त है तो

क्यूं ना जाने अपनी संस्कृति को, अपने इतिहास को, अपनी परंपराओं को, खान पान और विभिन्न राज्यो की जीवन शैली को

और घर बैठे कीजिए विभिन्न राज्यो का भ्रमण घुमक्कड़ बंदी के साथ 🛵💨

Here I am Sharing 5 Must Watch Travel Shows 🌍

Keep Calm and Stay Tuned

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

In India its lockdown for 21 days but its the break we were looking from a long time now it's here

21 days of exploration

21 days of self Awareness

21 days of creativity

21 days of opportunity

21 days are enough to adapt any good habit and enough to break this chain so let's opt these cool ideas and make some good out of this #quarantine days

2. As Cleanliness is our first priority now, do deep cleaning of your room/home/kitchen by selecting one space a…

On this women’s day

A humble request to please create a better world for present and future women

We all women keep complaining about all the struggle we face in day to day life, we keep insisting on how tough is our life, how this society is unfair to us

All is true no doubt, but we are the creators as lessons start from mother(A woman) why don’t we raise our kids unbiased why we keep difference and gaps, we are the one who grows the seeds of difference to our kids.

why we create so many rules for ourselves when you are in power why don’t we change it, why we make so many rules and later…

तुम हाँ तुम, मैं तुमसे बात कर रही हूँ

तुम खुद को एक बार समंदर के हवाले करके तो देखो
बाकी वो सब संभाल लेगा ।

किस बात का डर है तुम्हें
क्या तुम्हे लगता है समंदर तुमको
खींच लेगा, भींच लेगा, जकड लेगा
और ले जाएगा उसकी दुनिया में
आखिर किस बात का डर है तुम्हें ?

क्या समंदर की आवाज़ ??
जो किसी शेर की दहाड़ से कम नहीं होती
अगले ही पल लगता है जैसे कोई बड़ा तूफ़ान आने वाला हो
या फिर उस फिसलती हुई रेत से
जहाँ तुम्हारे पैर टिकाए नहीं टिकते
आखिर किस बात का, किस बात का डर है तुम्हें ?

या उस डर से जब लहर तुम्हारे ऊपर से…

This Time When I visited Goa, I got to know lots of things about bike renting so sharing the same along with some other tips which will help you to plan your Goa trip.


Documents: Driving License and Adhaar Card is mandatory for Renting a Bike in Goa and mostly every tourist place.


Don’t park in no Parking

Fuel: Don’t overfill your tanks 200–300 INR Petrol is enough for exploring North Goa.

Pricing: You will see so many shops in the street around, from where you can rent a bike, min-200 to the max: 800 INR can be charged as per season and demand but in general you will get the bike in 350–400 INR along with some petrol filled.


जब से मैने होश संभाला, माँ को परहेज करते ही पाया है, कभी चावल से ,कभी खटाई से, तो कभी किन्ही और चीजों से, हलाकि इन चावल और खटाई से उन्होने हमेशा ही परहेज किया है … उन्हे साँस और जोड़ो के दर्द की ज़रा सी तकलीफ़ थी ,cवो परहेज करने में विश्वास रखती थी… उन्हे चाट खाना बेहद पसंद था और अगर चाट में तरह तरह की खट्टी-मीठी चटनियाँ न डाली जाए तो फिर वो काहे की चाट |

हमारे ननिहाल की बात बताते हुए कहती थी हम चार ख़ास सहेलियाँ “कॉलेज वाली गली” की चाट बड़े ही चाव…

Andaman & Nicobar is among the many places in India to enjoy your honeymoon, An island of blue and green beaches, Pristine, Peace, and flawless these beaches sure will give you a glimpse of a foreign land. I will suggest you try Andaman for your craving for beaches. Finest beaches in India.

Traveling is the best thing to do with your partner. traveling is a complete package to know them better, it will give you lots of situations and things to handle where you can know someone’s mood swings, how they handle the situation, the maturity level and how fun-loving…

Jibhi is an offbeat village of Himachal surrounded by Mountains, River running side by side, Happy people and some cool cafes around, a perfect gateway to see the serene beauty of nature.

This was my third solo trip and I choose Jibhi to explore, here I am giving you complete guide so keep Jibhi in your bucket list.

How to Reach:

I started from Pune here I am providing the route from Delhi.

Route 1: Delhi -> Aut -> Banjar -> Jibhi [I follow this one]

Route 2: Delhi -> Mandi -> Banjar -> Jibhi

Quick tips before booking:

1. Always Prefer HRTC buses over any other buses, they are best in this route without doubt.

2. Any bus going to Manali will pass from Aut and Mandi, one can hire a direct taxi to Aut in 1500/- to Jibhi.

3. You can also take a break on Mandi and explore Prashar Lake nearby, and next day start…

Before you start reading and thinking of your decision, Take a DEEP Breath


Please…close your eyes and take a deep breathe



First, consider your life completely yours and you have a complete right to think about yourself without any doubt. no one knows you better than yourself so obviously how anyone can decide on your might have someone who understands you but there are some secrets, in fact many, which get shared between only you and you.

so now one thing is very clear that you are going to take the decision but how to take…

Anjali Indurkhya, ghumakkad_bandi

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